Social policy, training, health and safety at work

UNIDIS (Union Inter-Secteurs Papiers Cartons pour le Dialogue et l’Ingénierie Sociale) has been given the responsibility of
promoting paper and converting industry interests in terms of social policy, training, human relations and workplace health and safety.

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  • Social dialogue

UNIDIS implements joint social policy for the industry and contributes to social dialogue between social partners. It disseminates social policy information for the industry and provides practical and legal information on the application of texts in conventions and ongoing collective negotiations. It also acts as guarantor for the proper application of rules contained in conventions.

  • Training and trades

The development of initial and further training policy is one of the key parts of the strategy for the Paper Industries. Indeed, developing knowledge, qualifications and professional skills will guarantee the appeal and competitiveness of paper companies.   




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The Paper Industries benefit from a Trades and Qualifications Observatory whose mission is to observe, survey and analyse all quantitative and qualitative data on employment and training.

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  • Workplace health and safety

Preventing workplace risks, improving working conditions together with health and well-being are key issues for the Paper Industries. These key priorities help ensure sustainable economic and social development in companies. UNIDIS has a health and safety unit that coordinates national policy in workplace risk prevention. 

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