Commissions and working groups

Work is undertaken by Commissions (wide-ranging subjects) and Working Groups (more focused issues).


Wood/Pulp Commission
The aim of the Wood/Pulp Commission is to enable a competitive supply of wood to factories making cellulose pulp. It is responsible for relations with the other links in the wood industry and also deals with certification schemes for forest management (PEFC, FSC).

Recycling Commission
The Recycling Commission’s aim is to encourage competitiveness in the supply of paper and recycled board and, subsequently, to address product end-of-life. It also manages links between partners in the recycling sector.

Economic Commission
The purpose of the Economic Commission is to analyse economic factors impacting on the competitiveness of the paper industry (raw materials, taxation, international trade, etc.).   

 Environment Commission
The Environment Commission aims to contribute to the paper industry by defending its interests with public authorities on environmental issues concerning the manufacturing process (water, air,  climate change, etc.) and products (carbon footprint, water footprints, eco-labels, life cycle assessment, etc.).     

Energy Commission
The Energy Commission’s objective is to ensure that the energy-related legislative and regulatory framework is favourable to the paper industry. It deals with subjects concerning gas and electricity supplies, cogeneration (Combined Heat Power –CHP), renewable energies development and energy efficiency, etc.

The “Packaging Paper and Board”, “Graphic Paper”, “Coreboard” Working Groups
These three working Groups deal with topics specific to these product families (economic market analysis, environmental regulations, etc.) in conjunction with the economic stakeholders in these different sectors.     

Research and innovation working Group
The purpose of this Group is to identify subjects for collaborative research and to advise on the content of calls for tender so that they meet paper industry expectations. This group also contributes to directing work undertaken at technical centres connected to the profession.

Pressurised Equipment Working Group
The purpose of this Group is to supervise control procedures on pressurised equipment.

Standards Working Group
This Group contributes to defining standards concerning the specifications of pulp, paper and board.

Transportation working group
Its aim is to secure that regulation applicable to transport meets the expectation of the paper industry.